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​What does the club offer?

Members vary considerably in ages and aspirations and you can be sure to find someone like-minded.

There are several mix-in sessions every week which are a great way to meet other members and find out more of what's going on.

Club Welfare Policy

And of course you can just use the courts anytime they are free to play with a group you arrange yourself.

​​​​The clubhouse is available for the use of all members.



To improve your game then the coach is your first contact to find out what's available including matching players of similar standard.

For the more competitive members you can join in the Colchester and District League and the Friendly League to challenge other local clubs.

More sessions are springing up on demand and now include a Rusty Rackets sessions for those returning to tennis or needing a brush-up.

Club Tournaments both fun and serious are run through the year

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